Angela Watson & Andres Rotmistrovsky Duo (USA)

Sonntag, 27. August 2017, 20:30 - im Pflegidach, Muri
Andres Rotmistrovsky ist bekannt für seine vielen Duo-Versionen von verschiedensten Songs mit unterschiedlichsten Sängerinnen auf Youtube. Er spielt seinen elektrischen Bass virtuos wie eine Gitarre. Dazu lädt er talentierte Sängerinnen ein, welche er aus Boston und New York kennt und spielt mit ihnen Coverversionen von Beatles, Michael Jackson, Bee Gees aber auch Originale von Marta Gomez und Sofia Ribeiro. Vor allem diese Songs sind viele 10'000 Male angehört worden. Die intimen Aufnahme Sessions finden in Andres Wohnung statt und geben einem das Gefühl mitten im Geschehen zu sein. Die musikalische Leichtigkeit, mit der die Songs dargeboten verblüffen.

The combination of a sultry timeless voice and natural beauty has Angela Watson Modeste turning heads and hearts every time she hits the stage. She manages to subtly incorporate influences including Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, and Whitney Houston, but emerges with a sound that is distinctly her own. Beautiful and classy, yet funky, Angela is a legend in the making. Growing up in Texas, Angela lived between a small town called Dobbin with her grandmother and father and Houston with her mother. Angela's father was a dancer, actor, singer and exposed Angela to a world of music from Rock to Gospel. Angelas mother, when she was barely old enough to talk, was known for winning lip-syncing contests with music from Anita Baker to Diana Ross. It was this early saturation that provoked Angela to investigate her own musical abilitiies. During childhood in Texas she continuously wrote music, participated in choirs, musical theatre, and talent shows. By the age of 12, Angela had written her first composition. After this she began directing the youth choir at her church teaching her original music. At age 16 she began to actively pursue her music career competing for All State choir. She became the first student in her town to ever place in the All state choir, where she was first chair. While attending Texas Christian University on a scholarship for Classical Vocal Performance, Angela began performing at local clubs in Dallas Forth and acting at local theater houses. Her performances sparked the attention of a local radio personality who began to push Angela's music career. During this time, Angela won several awards in the local community for her musical ability and her charity work using her voice. Angela moved to New York City to further her music career and performed with musicians such as Victor Jones and Culturversy. It did not take long for Angela's mesmerizing voice to win hearts of audiences in New York and abroad sparking a sold out Italy and France tour gaining much publicity. Upon finishing her first European tour, Angela debuted her first album Love Anthology. One thing is certain, any ear that Angelas voice graces will never be the same.