The Muri Competition

Artistic Director

Renato Bizzotto

is the solo oboist at the Zurich Symphonic Orchestra. He has performed extensively with orchesteras, chamber music ensembles and as a soloist throughout Asia and Europe. He is a member of the Aargau Wind Soloists and organizes international master classes for oboists and bassoonists. Renato Bizzotto is the artistic director of the Musik im Festsaal series offered by Murikultur.


Artistic Director Oboe

Martin Frutiger

is professor of English horn and oboe d'amore at the Zurich University of the Arts. He has won several prizes and awards including first prize at the International Oboe Competition in Halle, Germany and at the «Concours National d'Execution Musicale» in Riddes, Switzerland,  second prize at the International Oboe Competition  in Tokyo. He has performed solo English horn at the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra since 2004.


Artistic Director Bassoon

Matthias Racz

is professor of bassoon at the Zurich University of the Arts. In 2002 he won first prize at the International Music Competition "Prague Spring" and at the ARD International Music Competition in Munich. He has been solo bassoonist at the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra since 2003. He also performs as solo bassoonist in the Lucerne Festival Orchestra under the direction of Claudio Abbado.


More Information:

Administratative Director

Franziska Haug

Franziska Haug is a translator and interpreter and has a CAS in arts management. Having lived abroad for many years, she has a particular interest in international connections. She is administrative director of the Konzerte im Festsaal series offered by Murikultur and plays viola in an amateur orchestra. 



Kerstin Leu

Kerstin Leu-Joch works as an assistant technical manager at an engineering firm and is an accountant for several small businesses. 


President of Murikultur

Urs Pilgrim MD

is a physician and intensively engaged in several regional cultural institutions of the Canton of Aargau. He was president of the predecessor of Murikultur from 2005 to 2011 and is currently president of Murikultur. He is excited to bring the world to Muri through The Muri Competition.